Racial Insensitivity

It’s hard to always get it right. Companies and individuals can have the very best intentions, but still say or do things that can register as tone-deaf and insensitive to produce bad pr for your brand. Howard can act quickly and competently if and when this happens, stepping in to respond to criticism, anger, and frustration directed at you.

How we handle Racial Sensitivity

The first step we’ll take is to honestly assess the damage that has been done. It’s important to really listen to the voices of those who feel that have been marginalized or injured to fully grasp the depth of damage that has been done. Next, we’ll come up with a comprehensive crisis response, keeping all lines of communication uniform so that everyone is on the same page. We’ll make sure that the message is clear and concise, acknowledging the hurt caused while also supplying a list of actionable items to ensure that change is coming. These action items will be presented with a plan for roll out that is aggressive while still being feasible. For example, an action item for a company could be a pledge to donate funds towards a charity that assists marginalized groups or hiring a racial sensitivity coach to work with an employee or involved person. For an individual, an action item could be reaching out to a representative of a marginalized group for a conversation and/or apology with a promise to donate to a charity of their choice. When an instance of racial insensitivity has occurred, people will not accept empty promises. You have to be ready to do the work.

While these mistakes can happen to anyone, La Brea Media is also proficient in assisting companies to ensure that they do not happen again. Our media training and crisis management will send you into the future with your best foot forward. We’ll direct you to (and through) all of the correct and necessary channels to repair your image, be it through public apology, social media campaigns, recanting a statement, or perhaps pulling an advertisement.