In the age of the internet and #metoo, it’s important to have a PR team you can trust. Howard will leave no avenue unexplored in reducing any unnecessary heat to allow others to gain perspective and hear your side of the argument. We always act with the three C’s of crisis management in mind: competence, compassion, and confidence.

What to do during a #metoo crisis?

La Brea Media will help you create a PR crisis response team to focus on controlling the damage that’s been done from harassment complaints while planning an effective line of communication. All of this will be done with the utmost sensitivity for the situation at hand, for all parties involved. When we do communicate with the public, we will be cognizant that this is an incredibly difficult subject to broach and do so with compassionate but firm language. Our team will get to work on monitoring social media and other outlets for immediate and delayed reactions to thoroughly aggregate all reaction data. While our associates will not sugarcoat our findings, we’ll also be able to provide perspective on the situation as well as council for moving forward. It’s good to know when to fight, and even better to know when to apologize. We’ll help you figure out which to do. Once we have a lay of the land, including social media data and effective communication with necessary parties, we will begin to craft a response targeted to illustrate you in the most positive way possible.