Your Personal Public Relations Tips From Howard Bragman

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Jan. 2, 2009 — — Howard Bragman is the founder of, a strategic media and public relations agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York and is well respected for his work as a crisis counselor.

In his new book, “Where’s My 15 Minutes,” he talks about how he’s helped some of Hollywood’s most famous and infamous step from pitfalls to stardom and how those same techniques can be used for anyone’s life.

Read a few excerpts of his book below.

Howard’s 10 Commandments of P.R.

1. All press is not good press

2. Perception is reality

3. Create a brand

4. The truth seeks its own level… eventually

5. Energize your base

6. The media will not wait for you

7. There is no wall between public and private

8. The medium is still the message

9. They’re only building you up to knock you down

10. Everyone has a second act

Perception is Reality:

That’s the premise of this whole book — that you’re reaching for something more in life, that you want to take your career or some aspect of your lifestyle to the next level — and part of that process is getting the word out to the people you need to influence.

How are you different? Don’t be afraid of what sets you apart.

The good news is that the vast majority of people learn from their mistakes. They not only try to become better themselves, but the smart ones use their mistakes to help others become better too. And that makes all of us better. In America, the land of second chances, down is decidedly not out.