Vulnerability Audit

To best identify where a potential crisis might occur in your company, an inspection performed by your company itself is essential. A comprehensive vulnerability audit will allow our team to ascertain any potential weaknesses or trouble areas may lie dormant, so we can form a crisis plan before a crisis arises.

What is a Vulnerability Audit?

Simple: the best way to prevent a crisis from happening. A tragically underperformed service by other companies, a vulnerability audit can be the difference between avoiding an iceberg or sinking to the bottom of the ocean. First, La Brea Media will focus on an internal audit by collecting necessary data from employees through interviews to asses risk. These highly confidential interviews will be held with every level of employee to better give us a comprehensive assessment of potential red flag areas or a potential snake pit threat in the company. Next, we will perform a risk assessment to conclude if any employees themselves could be a threat and cause a potential crisis. Regardless of their intentions, a rogue employee or “loose cannon” could inflict untold damage on your company if they slip up and say the wrong thing. We will also assess the means of communication the company relies on to see if they need simple upgrades, such as faster wi-fi or more fax machines. Once we have compiled our data, the experts at La Brea Media will work to anticipate actual crises that could arise. While some businesses can predict the nature of some potential crises, vulnerability audits will often uncover threats that the senior executives had no idea about. Once we have our report, you’ll better understand how to prevent a crisis before it begins!

Why Choose Our Vulnerability Audit?

Our vulnerability audit will also help you choose your crisis team. We’ll help you think outside the box and start making a list of allies you have, whether they be reporters, politicians, police, or inspectors. We’ll give your employee handbook a thorough once over to shore up any loopholes that could weaken your defenses. With a vulnerability audit La Brea Media can minimize, if not entirely avoid, potential future crises for you and your company.