Social Media Crisis Management

On social media, ‘Cancel Culture’ can find you guilty before you’ve ever had a chance to speak. Our capable team will get in front of any issue, stopping the fire before it can spread. With Google alerts and other social media listening tools, we’re able to keep an eye on what’s being said about you, sometimes before it even makes its way into the public domain.

Our action plan to address social media crises can include curated public responses, disbursement of facts to tell your side of the story, and damage control for any pushback.

Common questions include:
Can you fight it?
Is there any coming back?
Should I respond?
Will I make it worse?
If I apologize, am I setting myself up for a lawsuit?

You’re not alone. These are the types of issues our clients confront daily. If they’re happening to you, call Howard immediately. Let’s deal with this together.