Crisis Response Services

You thought a crisis could only happen to someone else, but now it’s happened to you. In hours your life has changed and you don’t know where to turn. You need a crisis intervention plan. This is when you need a crisis response service who has been there before – someone wise, calm and steady who can help you triage the crisis situation, put a team together if necessary, and return your calls. There’s no way you can be expected to see clearly when you’re in the storm. Reach out to a crisis intervention team who can.

La Brea Media’s crisis services will begin by creating a PR crisis response team that will spearhead damage control and all communication efforts. Once a chain of command has been established, we’ll support your chosen crisis spokesperson to prevent any miscommunication blunders . We’ll make sure we have the facts, not just one side of the story, so the public at large is getting the information it needs. After issuing stabilization statements, we’ll go to work gathering intel about public reaction and monitoring backlash on social media outlets. No stone will be left unturned as we scour every corner of the internet to make sure we’re getting the full picture. Once we have a scope of the situation, we will release targeted responses to address the crisis while painting you in the best light possible.

Why Choose Our Crisis Reponse Services?

Our highly specialized crisis response team will shore up your business and have you sailing smoothly in no time. Our swift action can retroactively help lessen the damage from your crisis while anticipating any issues that may arise in future. It’s our mission at La Brea Media to make sure you walk away in better shape than when you first contacted us, and we take our job seriously.