Crisis Management Training & Media Training

La Brea Media have been training people to handle sensitive situations with the media for nearly four decades. We can share training techniques with you and your team that will preserve both your integrity and sanity as you go into the lions’ den that is the media today. When you’re meeting that opponent at the worst of times, this is exactly the time you need to present the optimum face and have the answers on hand to effectively deliver your message during these emergency situations. La Brea Media will make sure you and your team are equipped in all three areas of crisis management: pre-crisis, crisis response, and post-crisis.

Committing to crisis management and media training ensures that your company will respond with cool heads and precise actions. You’ll know what to say, at what time, where and how to say it. Companies that don’t employ this type of crisis training are more likely to spin out of control during a critical incident. La Brea Media’s crisis management team can ensure that you and your team are 100% prepared.