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About Our Crisis PR Services

La Brea Media is on your side. Our Crisis PR teams help clients navigate public relations in whatever their personal crisis might be with confident and decisive action from our initial crisis response through the damage control at the finish line. La Brea Media‘s strategy doesn’t involve bandaids or blanket solutions: every pr crisis response will be tailored specifically to the client’s needs and circumstances. Our litigation strategists will prepare you for any court appearances, while our online reputation managers will be representing you in the court of public opinion. Our specially trained crisis response teams will effectively communicate with employees, marketing, legal staff, media outlets, labor unions, government agencies, and senior staff and management. Not satisfied to simply be the solution to your current problem, La Brea Media will also conduct vulnerability audits to detect any weaknesses that could become a pr crisis down the road, leaving you stronger than before your crisis even began. Our crisis prevention strategies and crisis management services and media strategy training will have you fully protected from future disasters. Our proven strategies and techniques have made us the leading authority is public relations crisis events, including racial insensitivity , public humiliation , addiction issues , divorce or separation , arrest or misdemeanor , and #metoo . We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help.

Under the close supervision of world renowned PR expert Howard Bragman , La Brea Media has worked with a wide variety of clients, including celebrities, athletes, doctors, brands, retail stores, elected officials, and major corporations. Our market and client expertise includes such industries as healthcare, financial services, lifestyle, and global brands and markets. Known as a PR guru, Howard Bragman’s award-winning services have been celebrated in publications such as Los Angeles Times, Business Insider, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and NPR. His meticulously selected crisis management experts will not let you down.