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Don’t Walk Into The Storm Alone | Get Help From One of the Best Crisis Management Firms

Whoever said all press is good press is dead wrong. Bad press is bad press. It stinks. It hurts. It’s often sensationalistic, inaccurate and vindictive. On a personal level it’s painful, humiliating, can cost millions of dollars, careers, marriages and psychological trauma. Even the most seasoned ceo, celebrity or public figure prays they don’t have to deal with a public relations crisis. It’s not comfortable to have your personal life splayed across the tabloid pages, splashed on the internet or blaring on the radio. So when a crisis situation arises for you personally or professionally, you need one of the top crisis management firms you can count on.

La Brea Media is a public relations and marketing agency with extensive experience in crisis communications, crisis management, media relations and supporting strategies. Headed by PR Guru Howard Bragman, our team brings decades of experience in handling crisis pr, offering strategic communications and expertise to ensure that whatever your pr crisis it will be handled in the wisest, most effective way possible.

With pre-eminent expertise in crisis management, preparedness, containment and recovery, LaBrea Media is one of California’s best crisis management firms to help you survive the storm.


“Perception is reality.” – Howard Bragman

Crafting a contingency plan for potential crises can help ensure that, if the worst happens, your response will be calculated, coordinated, and immediate. Howard Bragman brings decades of crisis management public relations experience to La Brea Media and can help you apply prescient forethought to crisis management planning for any potential pr crisis. You can expect Howard to work with you to forge a crisis communications plan for any situation and remain by your side as crisis manager and strategic counsel to help you seamlessly transition through any and all complications that may arise. The best way to deal with a crisis event is to avoid it in the first place, that’s why you need a crisis plan and crisis management team you can count on.


“The best defense is a good offense.” – Howard Bragman

The crisis team you compile should be poised to strike the moment a crisis arises, proactively, and potentially reactively, responding to any and all media efforts to raise negative publicity. Howard knows how to immediately assess the damage and minimize any potential fallout swiftly, dealing with libelous and deceitful stories before they can hit the national or international news media. Howard is an 800-pound gorilla in your corner. He understands how hard you’ve worked to get where you are and will not let you be hung out to dry.


“The media will not wait for you” – Howard Bragman

You can expect Howard’s response to any pr crisis to be immediate, when appropriate. The biggest question in any controversial situation is when, if and how to respond. Howard knows. La Brea Media will work closely with you on proper messaging, highlighting your positive output while deciding which media channels will work to your advantage. Your job is to proactively impart your message, not slap away questions like a veteran hockey goalie. Howard will show you how to protect your image and brand in the best way possible.


“You can go home again” – Howard Bragman

You can expect only the best from our pr firm as we ensure that your company’s reputation or personal brand identity is protected, both online and in physical media. We’ll work in real-time to protect or rebuild your reputation, focusing on every outlet from news to social media with content that we can control to reduce unnecessary and unwanted damage from negative press and spin.
You can’t always avoid bad press and don’t be fooled into thinking that the masses would let the truth get in the way of a good story. Your life must go through the media filter and what remains is neither the whole truth nor nothing but the truth. Yet, it is your ‘truth’ and that is the baseline that has to be worked from.

La Brea Media is one of America’s leading and best crisis management firms, and Howard Bragman will work relentlessly to ensure that your reputation is preserved in the best light possible.

La Brea Media is effective at coordinating and communicating with:

  • Legal counsel
  • Senior staff and management
  • Special interest groups
  • Tech staff
  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Customers
  • Media outlets
  • Government agencies
  • Labor unions
  • The public at large
La Brea Media Crisis PR clientele includes:

  • Celebrities
  • Entertainers
  • Athletes
  • Doctors
  • CEO’s
  • Authors
  • Elected Officials
  • Brands
  • Corporations
  • NGO’s
  • ‘Regular People’
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Municipalities
  • Corporate sectors
  • Social Media Influencers
  • And more